YOUCOOPE opens registrations to International Workshops

YOUCOOPE opens registrations to International Workshops

The European project YOUCOOPE launches the international edition of its experience for European educators on co-operative entrepreneurial education.

This edition of pilot workshops for secondary school and university educators, led by CISE and the Co-operative College, will take place between October and November, through digital meetings, in specialized groups according to the educational stage.

This pilot programme is part of the YOUCOOPE project, which focuses on the development of a new blended teaching methodology based on the methods of Co-operative Entrepreneurship, within the Social Economy, to promote entrepreneurial skills and enrich the lifelong learning of students.

Santander 13.09.2021 – The YOUCOOPE project has opened the registration to participate in the Pilot Experience for Secondary School and University educators in Europe, aimed at disseminating and testing the teaching methodology based on co-operative entrepreneurship, designed in the course of the project.

This training is addressed to the teaching staff which is considered the main agent in the dissemination of knowledge and development of competencies among European youth. The pilot workshop program has already been developed in Spain and Italy over the last months, with two specific versions for each educational stage, secondary and university, with the participation of 48 teachers out of more than 200 registered participants, in addition to 424 users of the digital course that completes the training.

In addition to raising teachers’ awareness of the need to promote an entrepreneurial culture among students and fostering their employability and personal development, the workshops’ training activities will enable teachers to forge links and build international networks through which to create synergies that can enrich their educational work.

Training: The experience consists of two parts that can be developed successively or in parallel. The first consists of the development of the theoretical and practical training of the MOOC «Co-operative entrepreneurial education», open to the general public interested in co-operative entrepreneurial education. The second part consists of attendance at pilot workshops involving group activities, discussion, and talks with experts in education, entrepreneurship and co-operatives.


The workshops offer limited places and take place on specific dates and at specific times, while the MOOC is open-ended and can be carried out at any time and without a deadline.


The International version will be the last edition of workshops within the YOUCOOPE programme and will take place between 4 October and 2 November 2021, with 25 limited places, from 3 to 5 p.m. CET.

Registrations will remain open until 27 September and the programme will be carried out with a minimum of 15 participants per modality (secondary or university), through the project’s website: