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YOUCOOPE is an initiative cofunded by the European Union that aims to encourage educational institutions to include the cooperative model in their curricula and to promote it among young students and entrepreneurs.


Our team of 10 European institutions have designed an innovative blended learning methodology  with resources and tools for educators to integrate cooperative entrepreneurial education’s concepts, skills and real experiences in their classroom. The resources you can find in this page will also encourage educators to seek the collaboration of existing cooperatives from your local context, to both gain awareness but also to facilitate school-to-work transition and real experiences. 


The methodology has been tested in pilot experiences -and subsequently reviewed-, and  it is now made available to download  for any institution to benefit from its results.

YOUCOOPE's Blended Learning Methodology
and Guide for Eduators

This innovative training methodology  combines face-to-face with online training, a blended-learning approach as a teaching method to promote the development of cooperative entrepreneurial transversal key skills amongst secondary and university education students by training educators to achieve a multiplying effect. 

This blended-learning methodology and supporting tools are available to the public under a creative commons licence.

This guide  focuses  on  supporting  educators  who are  curious  about  socially  beneficial  and  innovative teaching  methods,  and  are  willing  to  test  and  trial cooperative  entrepreneurial  education  practices  with their  learners.  We  trust  educators  to  adapt  these  tools, and  the  mix  of  practices  proposed,  to  their  own  needs and  context.  This  guide  will  help  you  to  navigate  all  the pedagogical  resources.  These  will  help  you  to  introduce entrepreneurial  education  in  your  classroom  using  the cooperative  perspective.

YOUCOOPE's Hands-on Toolkit for Educators


SDGs and the cooperative
principles and values


Using Think
link Cards


Cooperative values in
my classroom


Cooperative value
and principles


Experimenting with
Cooperative Entrepeneurshopip

Database on Key Stakeholders


Explore our database on key stakeholders and get to know about the YOUCOOPE key stakeholders, key studies and publications on cooperative entrepreneurship and best practices and events!

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